About Us


McMann Homes was established in late 2009. A family-owned and operated business based out of Nanaimo B.C. McMann Homes has built custom homes and commercial buildings all over Vancouver Island, Fort St. John, and on the lower mainland. We offer knowledge and experience from building in a variety of cities and climates.

Who We Are

Russ McMann, the owner of McMann Homes, is a dedicated businessman. His number one priority has always been customer satisfaction. Russ is known to take the building experience to the next level to ensure his clients walk away happy. He prides himself on making new friends along the way which is evident in the number of repeat customers that McMann Homes has gained over the past decade. Quality workmanship is second to none with McMann Homes. Our experienced crew consists of numerous red seal ticketed carpenters. Each of our crews has a minimum of two red seals at all times to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship you deserve. Over the past decade McMann Homes has built great working relationships with the best sub-trades to keep the build quality throughout as high as possible.

Russ and his brother James have building in their blood; they have had a love for the building industry since they were young. Their grandfather and great-grandfather owned a construction business in Nanaimo dating back to 1950. Multiple buildings throughout Nanaimo constructed by them still stand strong today. Russ and James were lucky enough to take part in a few of their projects at a younger age which helped instill a good work ethic, and a love for the industry.

Russ McMann

Russ is a master concrete former and framer and a certified red seal carpenter. Russ has a keen eye in ensuring everything is built to the highest standard. Russ is heavily involved in every build being a project coordinator. He is very hands-on and prides himself in being there for his clients every step of the way.

James McMann

James is a master finishing carpenter and red seal carpenter who has a passion for a high level of finishing. He is keen to bring his expertise and experience to every project he is involved in.

Project Management


McMann Homes has a hard working experienced staff, which has consistently grown year after year. The majority of our staff has been with the company long term and grown with us throughout the years. Russ believes in treating his crew members very well which results in great morale and a high quality product. This is easily recognizable in the builds McMann Homes are involved in today. The majority of our red seal ticketed carpenters have progressed through the years and earned their ticket while being a member of the McMann Homes team. Our project managers and in-house accountant also have years of experience in the trades to make the paperwork side of each project or build as straight forward and stress free as possible.