My experiences working with Russ have left me extremely confident in his abilities to deliver as promised.  Not only as a high quality builder but also as a very successful project manager.  He fully immerses himself in his projects and  remains very dedicated to seeing them through to completion.  I’ve used Russ’s services for nearly 10 years on a variety of builds ranging from a smaller scale carriage house, a cabin at our family’s recreational property, to larger scale mixed use residential/commercial builds.  Russ has been hard-working, organized, and delivered on budgets and timelines consistently.  I would highly recommend his services.  

Dustin Lamoureux

We consider ourselves fortunate to have been referred to Russ  McMann’s Group for the construction of our retirement residence. He was unfailingly accessible, helpful and respectful in assisting us in the many  decisions  required throughout the process. We benefitted from his ideas on cost savings without compromising quality. Our house was completed on time and on budget. Throughout , Russ earned our trust and confidence. 

Gabriola Clients 

In 2014 my wife and I decided to get our dream home built on Gabriola Island.
We already had bought a beautiful lot to build on, with sweeping views across the ‘Salish Sea’ and the Coastal Mountains. With some help we got our layouts & building plans drawn up, had a good idea about materials and style of house, and budget of course. Excavating and site prep was also already done. All we had to do was find a reliable, trustworthy and experienced builder who would make our dream come true. We received proposals from four different construction companies, but finally decided to trust Russ McMann (Principal of McMann Homes) from Nanaimo with the work. Russ and his crew started in late March of 2014 with the foundation, and on August 7th 2018 we received our Occupancy Permit. That was so amazing, how fast this whole building process went, without any interruptions and in absolute high quality craftsmanship. In addition, during the building process I had to travel to Europe a few times, and was away for weeks, thus couldn’t even keep an eye on things myself, but had to trust Russ and his professional crew  completely. We had no architect involved, no one else to supervise the job, and we were never disappointed by McMann Homes. Russ delivered on time and within budget. That was one of our best decisions to trust Russ to build our dream home and can highly recommend his company, crew and himself. In case we ever build again, Russ is our first choice.

Nik Buelles

I’ve worked with Russ and his team for almost a decade. They are professional, reliable and personable. I have yet to see them not complete a project on time. Would highly recommend.

Matt Scheibel

For our first ever custom home we chose McMann Homes as our builder. Best decision we have ever made. Russ and his crew our highly professional, communicate really well and guided us through the whole process. The quality of construction is incredible and the efficiency of their work ensures rapid progress on the build. We are quickly approaching our move in day and I am so impressed with the results so far. I highly recommend McMann Homes for your project!

Grant Eldridge

The team at McMann homes provides an extremely personal building experience and are very focused on client contractor relationship. In the current market, contractors tend to focus on the task and move on to the next build. This team is interactive and intuitive, caring about value to the client. Highly recommend McMann Homes to anyone looking for a custom, functional build with a personal touch from their GC.


Russ and his entire crew were great to work with as we chose them to build our new home. They were always responsive, open to questions and easy to work with throughout the project. |Their craftsmanship and attention to detail was great and the home turned out beautifully. I’d recommend them to anyone I know and would definitely use them again if we were to build another home. We really couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Gary Thompson